Kendal Major

Covington, GA

Kendal developed a passion for helping others at a young age, and never looked back. See how hes using his $10K grant to help the kids who need it most.
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After working with the Boys & Girls club from a young age, Kendal developed a passion for serving underserved youth that would grow into a mission.

He graduated from grad school in Georgia, and immediately got back to doing what he loved mosthelping kidsby launching his non-profit, The Brother Sister Campaign. With his organization as his main focus, hes able to spend most of his time creating meaningful connections and meaningful impact in the lives of children in orphanages and hospitals, all while enjoying the flexibility of delivering with Grubhub to pay the bills.

As a recipient of the $10K Grubhub Driver Grant, Kendal plans to continue empowering the next generation of leaders by increasing funding for The Brother Sister Campaigns Academic Hope Scholarship. The scholarship helps kids with academic expenses that can quickly become overwhelming, and paves the way for them in their own journeys.

So how’s Kendal impacted his community since receiving the grant?

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