When Mary started on a path toward healing, she found a community that changed her life. Finding Our Voices is a nonprofit that empowers survivors of sexual assault to heal and thrive through art, and thatís exactly what they helped Mary do.†

After getting involved with their programs, she started seeing meaningful changes. Her relationships started to reignite, and a new passion sparked in her lifeógiving back to the community.†

Starting with being more involved with the organization, and then branching out into more volunteer opportunities, Mary started spending more and more time helping others. As a way to help pay the bills, she started delivering with Grubhub and quickly found that it also fed into her larger passion.

ďI just love helping my community, and when I heard about Grubhub, I thought this is also helping the community,Ē Mary says.†

As a recipient of the $10K driver grant, Mary is investing back into the community thatís already given her so much. The money will go towards bringing the Finding Our Voices retreat back to life, and bolstering it with higher capacity and more counselors. Mary hopes to use this as an opportunity to continue to create meaningful change and healing in the lives of sexual assault survivors.