Learn about Seattle's
guaranteed minimum
pay law

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards implemented regulations relating to app-based delivery partners beginning in 2024 that guarantee minimum pay per offer and promote transparency between Grubhub and our delivery partners.

What this means for your earnings in Seattle

For each delivery, you will be paid at least the minimum per offer rate based on your engaged time and engaged miles. Your pay rate will be calculated as $0.44 per minute plus $0.74 per mile, with a minimum pay rate of $5 per offer before tips.

This means you will never receive less than $5 per offer, and you will always receive 100% of your tips from completed deliveries, which are paid out above and beyond the minimum pay rate. You will receive whichever option is greater at the completion of the order.

Additionally, the minimum compensation amount will be updated annually to account for inflation.

Your driver stats: on-time arrival at merchant rate (OTM) and schedule commitment rate (SCR) will continue to be the primary factors in determining your driver level for benefits such as priority scheduling.

A few important definitions to keep in mind

Engaged time

The time from accepting an offer to completing or canceling the delivery.

Engaged miles

The miles traveled during the engaged time within your designated vehicle.

What you’ll see in the app

At the time an offer is presented in the Driver app, you’ll see enhanced details such as: ​

  • Estimated engaged time and engaged mileage to complete the delivery
  • Approximate pick-up and drop-off locations, including the business name, addresses, and delivery instructions
  • Guaranteed minimum compensation and the customer tip (if selected by the customer in advance)
  • Important information about the order,  including all listed items in the order and labeled large or heavy items

Our commitment to transparency

As part of our dedication to transparency, you will receive daily and weekly receipts about the orders you complete. The receipts will be available within the Earnings section of the Driver app, with the below information available within 24 hours of each offer’s completion:

  • Grubhub’s payment, including per-minute and per-mile amount
  • Total tip amount
  • Any adjustments
  • Net compensation

Notice of Rights

You will receive a digital reminder of your Notice of Rights at least once per month. This notice covers key details about your rights, compensation, flexibility, protection against retaliation, and more. Visit the Help Center for more information about this law and to view your Notice of Rights.

Seattle Paid Sick & Safe Time (“PSST”)

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards has regulations for how Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) compensation is calculated. All eligible delivery partners receive an email each month that breaks down your current accrued and unused PSST available, the number of days you’ve used since last month’s notice, and more. Under the regulations, starting January 2024, the average daily compensation for use of PSST will exclude tips earned from customers.

To help you understand how this impacts you and your rights, we’ve outlined how you can accrue and request PSST, and other important details regarding the ordinance that you should know.