Make money on your schedule

Discover how block scheduling works, and how you can use it to make more money when you want to.


Grubhub’s block scheduling

allows you to reserve time-slots for when you want to deliver. This helps us ensure that we don’t have too many drivers on the road, and that you’ll get deliveries.

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Here’s a few tips to make block scheduling work best for you.

Choose blocks that you know you can drive

Become a Premier Driver and get your schedule made for you based on your availability

Try out different blocks to see where you earn more money
Update your schedule at any time to add more blocks and make more money.

How to schedule blocks

Login to the Grubhub for Drivers app

Tap Scheduling in the main menu

Tap update schedule

Select the + sign next to available to reserve that time-slot*

*If there is no plus sign next to a block, it is not available.

Make sure to only pick blocks that you know you can deliver. If something changes, and you’re unable to work a block that you scheduled, drop it as soon as can so other drivers have the opportunity to pick up the block.

If you regularly drop blocks within 72 hours of the block start time, we may restrict your access to scheduling—so make sure to only drop blocks when it’s absolutely necessary.

Check out scheduling in action

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Grubhub Drivers do not have a set schedule. Drivers are able to schedule their own blocks in advance and make money when they want to.

The length of scheduled blocks varies based on your specific market. Blocks are available on a first come, first served basis, based on your Recognition program level.

Yes, you can deliver with Grubhub without being on a scheduled block. When you’re ready to drive, just toggle to “Taking offers” to let Grubhub know that you’re available to accept offers.

As a Premier Driver, you can set your availability in the scheduling section of the app. When you do this, we’ll create a schedule for you based on your preferences. Once you get your schedule, you’ll still be able to add or drop blocks whenever you want, but if you drop blocks within 24 hours, it won’t negatively affect your block drop rate.

There are a limited number of blocks available for any given time during the day. If multiple drivers set availability for the same time, we determine who receives the block by first checking if other available blocks match other preferences provided. Then, we’ll use your individual delivery stats like attendance rate, block drop rate, and acceptance rate to determine which drivers receive priority.

We understand life changes. You can still drop blocks after you receive your schedule, and if you drop a block within 24 hours of receiving it, it will not impact your block-drop rate. 

Keep your availability up-to-date to ensure you only receive blocks that you’re certain you can work. If you accurately set your availability each week with times you’re willing and able to work, you’re more likely to get the blocks you want.